Being environmentally resposible is of great importance to all of us,
at John Anton's Cleaners. The training of our employees on proper
procedures, along with the understanding of regulatory standards is
a continual process.
We have used our experience and knowledge of the industry in
seeking out alternative processes that are best for the environment,
while maintaining the quality you expect.
We currently have installed environmentally friendly drycleaning
machines which use EcoSolve®. This is odorless, non-toxic and
safe for both our customers and our employees.
Our Recycling Program includes our participation in the
Recycling Program", in which all hangers are either re-used or
sent to a local scrap metal yard for recycling. 
We continue to remove saftey pins in efforts to reuse materials
as well as encourage our customers to recycle plastic coverings.
          Environmentally Friendly