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We Don't Just Hang Around All Day...
John Anton's Cleaners is a proud participant in the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute's Cleaners Care Program. Many drycleaners recycle hangers but this program takes it to the next level.
We have pledged to reuse as many hangers as possible, while recycling those we can't. Every hanger that is not re-usable goes to a local scrap yard facility for recycling, thus closing the loop.
On an annual basis, we re-use approximately 40,000 hangers, and recycle over 2,000 pounds of hangers.
Below is a recent picture of over 800 pounds of hangers being brought to the scrap yard, which would have otherwise gone to a landfill.
We encourage our customers to recycle their hangers by providing hanger drop-off areas at all locations, as well as free hanger caddies for our customers to take home, providing easy transport to the store.
This is just another part of the 'The Difference' that we make here at John Anton's Cleaners!
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