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Happy Thanksgiving!


Happenings in the Community
Enjoy the beautiful New England spring weather and check out some of these local events:
Wednesday, May 1st: Smolak Farms kicks off the 2013 season with complimentary hayrides along with games and crafts in the barn.
Saturday, May 4th: The Schola Choir of the Treble Chorus of New England present their free spring concert - 7pm at the North Parish Church located at 190 Academy Rd in North Andover. 
Saturday, May 11th: Andover Crafts in the Park - 10am-4pm at the Central Park (corner of Chestnut & Bartlett) featuring over 150 crafters offering jewelry, pottery, stained glass, sculpture, garden ornaments, leather good and much more! A delicious assortment of food will be available from different vendors and the Mill City Jazz band is providing musical entertainment.
Spring Cleaning


Though there are bedding items that can be washed at home, such as sheets & blankets, there are also many items that, although washable, do not fit in your washing machine and need to be cleaned professionally.

Comforters, quilts and duvet covers are generally too large for most home machines. That’s why we recommend you bring them to us, your garment care experts!

We use commercial washers that accommodate larger items and dryers that are moisture sensitive. This combination ensures a softer, fuller appearance and promotes even distribution of the fill material in comforters.

We also provide services for sheets, table linens, drapes and rugs.

Freshen your entire household this spring by letting us
do the work for you!


Properly Storing Winter Clothing
Now that Spring is finally here, it's time to store away your Winter clothing until next season.
Here are a few tips for doing so:
  • Wash and dryclean everything before storing. Stains that may not be visible now can darken with age, making them harder to remove later and possibly causing damage to the fabric.

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  • Store items in a cool, well ventilated area. Avoid basements and garages, if possible. The dampness from these areas can cause shrinkage and even mold.
  • It is best to store your clothing away from natural or artificial light. Prolonged exposure to it can cause fading.
  • Do not store your clothes in the plastic covering of your freshly cleaned clothes. They are designed for temporary protection and can trap moisture if left on for a period of time.
  • Remember to fold your sweaters, instead of hanging them, to avoid stretching.
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Starch Madness 3-Point Play!



Oh No... Not Again!

Are you ready to make history? The snowstorm Friday has the potential to be one of those events that you remember for a lifetime.

This storm will be big, but will it be historic and rival some of the legendary storms of Boston’s past?

The short answer is it just might

20 years from now you may still be saying to a friend, “Hey where were you during the Blizzard of 2013?”

So get out your shovel, gas up the snow blower and although this storm is making national headlines... no need to panic; we've been through this drill before!


Too Much Salt is Bad for Your Clothes Also

New England is always beautiful in the snow; but the reality is, the weather conditions can create a nightmare for your clothes. Walking through the snow and slush was fun as a child, but when you are walking to work and trying to run every day errands... it's not so much fun. 

Snow and slush contain salt that can build up, especially on pants and coats, leaving a white residue that you just can't get out at home and if left in, without being cleaned, can cause permanent damage to your garment.

What's the best thing to do when this happens to your favorite clothes?

Bring them to us, of course!

Our professionals are expertly trained in removing stains to keep your clothes looking new.

Being the only cleaner in Massachusetts to receive the Seal of Approval, Award of Excellence, you are assured that the care of your clothes always comes first at John Anton's Cleaners, along with Customer Service that just can't be beat!

Speaking of errands, let us eliminate your trips to the drycleaners by signing up for our Free Pick-Up & Delivery Service.

Come in today and Experience the Difference... at John Anton's!


Go Pats!